Natural Sciences

Environmental Sciences (CTM)

Activity 1. Ecology. Concepts.  

If you want to review some concepts about Ecology, try this exercise.

Activity 2. Climate change.

Click on the following link to do the activity. It consist of reading the text and trying to answer the questions.

What Is Global Warming And Climate Change?

Once you know the vocabulary, try to do the listening activity. This video explains the problem and the influence of human activities on the global warming.


Activity 1. Biomolecules. 


Activity 2. Metabolism and enzymes. 


Biology and Geology

Activity 1. Interaction function in animals.

Activity 2. Evolution. Sex and evolution.

If you want to know why life has needed sex, what is the origin of sex and how it has influenced the evolution of all the living beings, you have some interesting information in this document. For more information, you can see this presentation which includes little sections of an interesting documentary that we are attaching.

It is very important that you look up the unknown words in the dictionary in order to understand the main ideas of the topic.


Our first project in English


2 comentarios:

  1. Los vídeos están genial para reforzar mi inglés con palabras técnicas de biología. El crucigrama me resulta dificilísimo!! claro que es porque no tengo ni idea de este tipo de vocabulario en inglés!!

  2. De eso se trata, de ir reforzando el vocabulario de cara a tener un mejor nivel que os permita utilizar y entender textos científicos.