Level test for 1º Bachillerato

To begin with, copy this test in a word file and try to answer the questions. Then, convert your file into a pdf and send it to your teacher via the institutional email address.

1. A and B meet on the street. Write the conversation, putting the verbs into the correct form and adding all the other words you need.
A: Hello! What / you / do / here in Bristol?
B: I / stay / my parents.
A: Oh, that’s nice. And how / be / Cardiff? / you / like / it there?
B: Oh yes, It / be / very nice town / but / I / sometimes miss / see / my friends in Bristol.
A: And what about the job?
B: Oh, that / be / very good. It / be / a lot more interesting / my last job.
A: Good.
B: Yes. So I definitely / want / stay / Cardiff. / Oh, and I / learn / drive / now too. But there / be / one problem. / I / not got / car.
A: you / buy / one?
B: Well, I can’t. I / not got / money / because I / spend / it all on driving lessons at the moment.
A: Oh well. Never mind.

2. Circle the correct words to complete the sentences.
1. We haven’t got some / any milk.
2. She arrived in / to Mexico at 2 o’clock.
3. They’re planning to open / opening a new shop next year.
4. It’s very cold tonight. I think it’s snowing / it’s going to snow soon.
5. Would you like coming / to come to dinner tomorrow?
6. Don’t walk / Not walk on the grass.
7. You play tennis very good / very well.
8. Thank you for telling me that. You’re honester / more honest than your brother is.
9. Zöe and Gareth stay / are staying in a hotel in Berlin this week.
10. I think I’m going to take that picture out / off the wall.

3. A TV reporter is interviewing a fireman about a fire in a hotel. Write the conversation putting the verbs into the correct tense and form and adding all the other words you need.
A: How long / you / be / here?
B: Since 12:30. We / think / fire / start / at about 12:15. / A lot / the hotel guests/ sleep / when / fire / start. / Fortunately, they / wake up / when they / hear / fire alar / and they all / escape.
A: And how / fire /start?
B: We / not / know / but / we / think / one of the guests / smoke / cigarette / in bed when he / fall asleep.
A: Oh dear.
B: Yes. / Smoke / in bed / be / very dangerous. / Smokers should never / smoke / in bed.
A: Well, this is / big / and /expensive / hotel in the city. / Where / the guests / going to / stay / now?
B: Sorry. I / can’t / answer / any more questions. / I / must / go back to / fire.

4. Circle the correct words to complete the sentences.
1. Is that Kate’s car? No, it’s my / mine.
2. Swimming / To swim is very god exercise.
3. If you have / will have any problems, I will help you.
4. I stayed in bed, so / because I felt ill.
5. How much / many time have you got?
6. He waited / was waiting for me when I arrived at the airport.
7. I phoned Alice and Mary to invite/ for inviting them to the party.
8. We lived / have lived here since 2008.
9. He took his umbrella because / so it was raining.
10. Have you worked / Did you work here since you left school?

5. Listening. Listen to the following dialogue and choose the correct answer. Some questions have more than one answer. 

1) A soccer mom ____.
a) plays soccer
b) drives her kids
c) drives an SUV
d) watches soccer

2) A soccer mom is _____ parent.
a) an angry.
b) a happy
c) a caring
d) a lazy

3) Soccer mom is a ___ term.
a) racist
b) sexist
c) bad
d) good

4) A Nascar dad _____.
a) races cars
b) drives too fast
c) loves nice cars
d) transports kids

5) A Nascar dad would take his kids ____.
a) to a car race
b) hunting
c) shopping
d) to the city

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