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This blog shows the project planned by a group of teachers who want to contribute to your knowledge of English and, of course, to improve their own level of this useful language.

As you know, we work in a bilingual secondary school, the IES Dionisio Aguado. This programme has been carried out in the mornings for two years, but not in the evenings until now. Students attend English lessons during the first and second years, but those who are thinking about taking the PAU exams, before their university studies, must keep on studying English on their own, in order to pass the test.

We have thought about working together through this blog, in which we are going to include different activities focused on the subjects that you are studying.
So, you will learn vocabulary, grammar and other important topics while you study contents as varied as biomolecules, the Empiricism, new trends in Psychology or the last discoveries about the Universe.

Teacher's Team

These are the departments and teachers that take part in the team.

Biology and team coordination

Dª Mª José Morales Abad


Dª. Gema Mª Parras Serradilla
D. Aurelio Corral Morales
D. Lope Molina Gómez

Physics and Chemistry

D. Antonio Gutiérrez Rojo

Classic languages

Dª. Mª Isabel López Camacho


Dª. Angela de Sena García-Castrillón
D. Rubén Peña del Canto

Mathematics and technology

D. Serafín Santervás Martín

How to use this blog

Our main goal is to find the best activities to turn this blog into a funny way to learn.

Each department has a specific page in the blog. So, you can enter by clicking on the corresponding heading below the title.

We will recommend you different activities throughout the course. Sometimes you will have to solve a crossword, in other cases, you will watch a video and then answer some questions in a multiple choice test, or matching two columns, etc.

If the activity has been designed with Hot Potatoes, you will get your score and then you will be able review your mistakes. However, some activities consist of open questions, in that case, you will have to send your answer to your teacher via the institutional email address.

Finally, you can write your comments in the page so that you can express your opinion about the activities. This is the best way to improve our blog and to add more attractive proposals.

Every time you do one of the activities you will have to send a message. This is important if you want to be assessed by your teacher.

And now, we hope you are ready to start.
Good luck.

Your teachers.

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